Home Decor - Achieving a Coordinated Look

                     A great fabric pattern or wallpaper design can often hold the key to the entire color and scheme of your home decor. By taking a close look at the pattern, you can see how the colors relate to each others tones and what the background colors are. This can set the mood for what type of home decor you want to use!

When using patterns whether in fabrics, curtains or wallpaper, you want to be sure to choose only one item which features a large or bold design. Too many bold patterns will overwhelm the room. Using smaller patterns that are design and color coordinated to the larger print is fine. This type of home decor is very coordinated and elegant looking.

When using many patterns throughout the room, you want to make sure that you have some space that is simply "plain". You need white or off-white walls to balance all of the bold statements the furniture, wallpaper and borders create. This is not saying your walls have to be plain, you can use a sponging or ragging effect. But from a distance the wall should look one solid color.

When using this elegant type of home decor, you should consider using the bold prints on very large areas. Floor length drapes or a large sofa are good places to use these bold designs. Use much smaller, color coordinated patterns in wallpaper borders, table covers, etc.

Another beautiful aspect of this type of home decor is mixing and matching stripes, solids and plaids. As long as the basic colors and tones coordinate, using all of these patterns together creates a very striking and distinctive look.

Look at what colors and patterns you are already using. You may find that with just a few changes, a new set of drapes or fresh paint will give your living room the elegant style you've been looking for. This style of home decor is definitely one that will be noticed!