Home Decor - Some Facts and Home Decoration Ideas

                     Our homes are the signs to reflect ourselves, our personality or simply to tell others that what kind of taste and frame of mind we keep. Home décor is an art which may be found in everybody with varying amplitudes. Although it's a separate profession like other professions in the market but in DIY ideas, I think home décor is the easiest exertion one can do at their own. Home décor is same as we choose the colors and designs in our dresses, shoes and hats. Same ethics could be applied while decorating a home but in little bit broad manner.

Choice of Colors

While decorating a home, there are few simple ideologies to follow for better results. First and foremost important is the choice of colors. Each color has its own effect on our moods. Also, colors are good helping hands to give us some warm, energetic, relaxing, thought provoking and happy feelings. So, while choosing the colors of wallpapers, furniture, fabrics and paint, these effects of colors should be kept in mind. Sometime matching the colors of all items can produce best results, while sometime we can get more appealing reflections by considering the contrast among these colors.

Designs and Shape of Essentials

The second element of good home décor is to choose the right kind of design. Design or shape of items like furniture, wall mounts, electrical items like bulbs and tube lights, wallpapers, curtains, carpets and cushions can change all the environment of your rooms. In most of the cases, similar or matching design or shape of items kept in a room will reflect more pleasant look and feel of the entire room.

Selecting the Right Kind of Items

Choosing the right kind of accessories is another fact of good home decoration. For example, a bedroom should be equipped with bed and bedding but should not be overcrowded with other furniture like sofas, or cupboards. On other hand, while decorating a living room, you should place all necessary furniture to be used for sitting, watching TV and for family gathering. Same goes to the study, kitchen and baths. Right choice of essentials of a particular room or place makes a standard look and improves its grace.

Prices and Budget

Market is full of traditional, occasional and trendy styles of all elements we may use in decorating our homes. One may be confused to get to the right kind of choice. For the ease in decision, you may consider the prices of items and the available budget. Estimation of the price needed for all essentials will clarify and narrow down the choice among different available kinds.

Home Decor - Achieving a Coordinated Look

                     A great fabric pattern or wallpaper design can often hold the key to the entire color and scheme of your home decor. By taking a close look at the pattern, you can see how the colors relate to each others tones and what the background colors are. This can set the mood for what type of home decor you want to use!

When using patterns whether in fabrics, curtains or wallpaper, you want to be sure to choose only one item which features a large or bold design. Too many bold patterns will overwhelm the room. Using smaller patterns that are design and color coordinated to the larger print is fine. This type of home decor is very coordinated and elegant looking.

When using many patterns throughout the room, you want to make sure that you have some space that is simply "plain". You need white or off-white walls to balance all of the bold statements the furniture, wallpaper and borders create. This is not saying your walls have to be plain, you can use a sponging or ragging effect. But from a distance the wall should look one solid color.

When using this elegant type of home decor, you should consider using the bold prints on very large areas. Floor length drapes or a large sofa are good places to use these bold designs. Use much smaller, color coordinated patterns in wallpaper borders, table covers, etc.

Another beautiful aspect of this type of home decor is mixing and matching stripes, solids and plaids. As long as the basic colors and tones coordinate, using all of these patterns together creates a very striking and distinctive look.

Look at what colors and patterns you are already using. You may find that with just a few changes, a new set of drapes or fresh paint will give your living room the elegant style you've been looking for. This style of home decor is definitely one that will be noticed!

How To Use Color In Home Decor - Top 5 Tips

                      If you're about to renovate your entire home, or just a single room, then your choice of color is an important consideration. Color has a tremendous impact on the overall feel of your home, and should also complement the style of home you're creating.

After all, color affects our emotions as much as other aspects of home decor do, so it's important to give it some reflection.

So let's go through some top tips on color that will help you to achieve the result you want, and the overall feel that you'd like in your home.

Tip 1

Ensure that the colors chosen reflect the style of your home.

For example, if your preference is to have neutral and classic decor, then colors such as beige, cotton, or stone will suit best. These colors go with both neutral and bold decor.

If you like more natured themes, then lavender or soft greens will do well.

For more fiery tastes, reds, golds and dusky rose will provide the warmth you're looking for.

The best way is to use a website or software that provides color simulations on walls to help you choose a color palette.

Tip 2

Use the 60:30:10 rule.

Most of the time, you'll probably have the same color walls throughout the home, but if you choose to have a feature wall or two, ensure that the feature wall is about 30% of the room.

The remaining 10% is for a third, deeper color that can either be a feature wall or be from furniture.
If the proportions are higher, your room can look disjointed.

Tip 3

With wall decor that's subtle in color, choose light colored walls.

Your wall decor should be a highlight, and not overpowered by the color behind it. This is why neutral colored walls such as beige and related colors are not only pleasing to most people, they compliment both light and richly colored wall decor.

On the other hand, richly colored wall decor will be complimented by either a light or richly colored background. But there's one condition here. With a rich background, such as a red painted wall or red patterned wallpaper, it will work well as long as there's some matching between these.

For example, if the wallpaper is red with hints of brown and gold, then if there's a similar shade of red or brown in the wall decor, it will work.

Tip 4

Use your instinct, but also test it out.

One of the most important parts of this process is to get some samples of the wall paint and wallpaper and see if they go well with your home.

Something to be aware of is that the overall color scheme and style of your home may be 'matched' in different ways.

For example, if you have classic decor, it doesn't mean that you have to have neutral colors, even though it's a combination that's easy to work with. You can instead have rightly colored red patterned wallpaper as mentioned.

In these situations, be sure that you love the rich color, as rich color is powerful and difficult to ignore. So see if you can find an entire room that has been decorated with this color, such as in a wallpaper showroom.

Tip 5

Make sure the color scheme or pattern matches the style of your internal architectural features.

Not only should you make sure you like a color, you should also see if it will match the style of architectural features such as the windows and architraves in your home.

For example, with the above scenario, a classic patterned rich wallpaper will go well with more ornate character features in the home, rather than ultra plain modern features. The exception to this, is if you use a modern 'version' of a classic pattern which will suit modern decor.

So ensure that you're seeing the whole picture, and use your instinct and personal taste.

So there you have it.

You now know the top 5 tips when it comes to using color in your home. These 5 tips will help you choose the right color and patterns for your home to match your personal taste as well as your wall and home decor. So enjoy playing with color, and seeing the combinations of color and patterns with your test samples, to decorate your home just the way you envisioned it.

The Effects of Color on Wallpaper - How to Choose What Color Wallpaper to Use in Your Home Decor

                     Color has always made a difference in our lives. Color can brighten a plain white wall and color is one of the most popular motivators that people use to determine what wallpaper they would like to use in their home decor. Whether we realize it or not, color effects our lives and helps to set our moods. Some colors brighten our lives and naturally make us smile, while others make us tired or just simply relax us. This article will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions when selecting the right wallpaper for your home.

Sometimes color is selected because it is simply a favorite. Other times, our subliminal minds draw us to a color and we may not know why. Let's take a look at some colors and the effects that these colors have on us.

The red color family includes shades of red like bright red, pink, rose, maroon, burgundy, cardinal red and raspberry. Since red is the warmest of all colors, using wallpapers in the red color family will make your room appear cheerful, bold, dramatic and exciting. The effect of red wallpaper in a room will be to make the room appear smaller and warmer because it brings the background in closer. Putting red objects or accessories in a room will make the objects appear larger because red focuses on attention. Overall, red wallpaper will bring warmth and excitement to an otherwise cool room. An interesting and little known fact about the color red is that it stimulates appetite.

The orange color family includes hues of pumpkin, peach, coral, terra-cotta, copper and rust. Using orange based wallpaper will provide a welcoming and cheerful room that will make you feel warm and comfortable. The effect of using an orange based wallpaper in a room is much like the effects of red. However, since the orange hues in wallpaper provide a softer tint, this is a good color mixer and will provide a cheerful and exciting effect in your room. Orange wallpaper is great for kitchens and family rooms. The most interesting fact about orange is that although it creates a warm glow, it can also make people tire easily.

The yellow color family of hues include lemon, straw, gold, tan, tobacco and cream shades. The characteristics of using a yellow based wallpaper will be to create a warm, luminous and radiant feel in the room. When you use colors from the yellow family in your wallpaper, this will make your room appear larger and brighter, due to the colors light reflective quality. Yellow wallpaper can light up your room without making the room feel smaller. Yellow is most used in kitchens. The most little know fact about using yellow wallpaper is that studies show that babies tend to cry more and children are more argumentative in nurseries decorated in yellow that in pink, blue or green.

The green color family includes hues such as olive, forest, mint, pea, grass and sea greens. When green wallpaper is selected, it makes your room feel refreshing and cool. When green wallpaper is used in lighter shades, it will make your room seem larger because it feels like the walls are further away. Green wallpaper will provide an atmosphere of relaxation to a room and is an important shade where restfulness is important. A little known, but interesting fact about green is that it is the color that is the least tiring to the eye which is the reason why surgeons scrubs are green.

The blue color family includes hues of sky, royal, midnight, baby and powder blues. Since blue is the coolest of all colors, blue wallpaper is the most receding and serene which makes it a popular wallpaper choice. Blue wallpaper will make a room appear more spacious and airy. Using lighter colors against a blue wallpaper will make the furniture or furnishings appear more luminescent and really stand out. An interesting fact about the color blue is that people associate stability and leadership with this color and that is why you will often see important documents like graduation certificates bound in blue.

The purple color family includes shades of violet, plum, lavender and orchid. Purple is an impressive hue and when used in wallpaper it creates a bold statement. However, purple wallpaper also creates a quiet feeling in the atmosphere around it. Dark purple wallpaper makes objects appear formal and rich and transitional purple hues will feel cool when mixed with blues and warm when mixed with red. Purple wallpaper offers quite a bit of versatility in styles depending on how you use it. Most people know that purple was associated with royalty, but a little known fact about this color is that in medieval times only royalty was allowed to wear purple.

Home Decor Tips - Only One Wall Effective

                     Original ornaments on the walls are still in fashion. Fantasy and effect have a warm welcome in every modern house. But it can't be too much of it, cause it might make the interior too heavy. That's why the designers recommend to single out...only one wall.

There are so many designs, colors and techniques of how to decorate the wall that we might get dizzy from all of that. And what is worse there are no rules that we should have a wallpaper in more traditional interior and a photo wallpaper and wood on the wall in the modern house. Well, it's not that bad at all cause we have a wider field to use our imagination, play with colors, designs.

We can mix and match old furniture with new accessories and ornaments. Also with those on the walls. From a different side we can put new furniture and have the walls made in the traditional way with traditional wallpaper. The newest and the most effective, cheap way of decorating the walls is to paint only one of them. And according to trends it has to be intensive color - purple, red, bronze. And what are the other ways to decor the wall (and not also wall)?

We might use decorative plaster. It has an unusual structure - irregular and rugged which makes a nice look of the wall. But there is one condition: it can't be covered up by furniture. Otherwise it loses decorative flow. Very effective is also Italian technique called "stucco lustro" which means in English "sparkling plaster". It's quite expensive plaster that is imitating.... and reflex the light. But we can make "stucco lustro" ourselves - easier and cheaper just by painting the wallpaper with a sparkling paint. Perfectly in yellow or orange color.

To make an unusual wall we can just use a colorful wallpaper which will bright up the room. They wallpapers made of paper and made of material - first cheaper, second more expensive. Most popular now are the one with big flower ornaments, that has dark, intensive colors. But because of those colors and design they look good only in big, bright interiors. In a small room they will make a worse effect making the interior visibly smaller than it is.

Items that really look good on the wall are stone, wood and bricks. Matching them with such decorations like tablecloth weights made of stone or scented candles gives the room an unusual look and climate that is reserved only to warm cottage houses. They will have an ideal prelude in a stair basket on the stairs that will lead us to amazing room with stones placed one near another giving a unique design. Or into the room with old bricks! Very classic on one side and modern on the other side.

And as we can see we are able to totally change our interiors just by changing one wall. Small thing and a great effect.